Crash Codes

  • DyS
    I would like to start a thread about a frequent crash issue I'm experiencing, but I do not have a "crash code" on hand.

    Are they stored somewhere, or do I need to wait until another crash happens, and then retrieve the code?

    Do I even need the crash code to troubleshoot my problem? I have the D3Debug.txt file from each crash, if that's relevant.

  • Heyo!

    The D3Debug.txt file is going to be a copy of the crash log that's stored locally on your computer. If you can post the contents of the latest crash logs here, we can take a look and see if there's anything that stands out ^_^
  • Thanks for grabbing that!

    Based on that crash log it looks like we're running the 32 bit client for the game. Does this also occur on the 64 bit client? Steps to toggle 32 bit off and on can be found here.

    Apart from that, I did notice YoloMouse running. Can we also try uninstalling that and giving the game a try?
  • Sounds like a plan! Look forward to seeing how that goes ^_^
  • @DyS
    Thanks for the update and glad the game looks to be working! One of the main differences between the client is that the 32 bit client is going to use DX9 while the 64 bit client introduces DX11 so there may be an issue with how the computer is handling that. This can sometimes be a driver issue so we can try grabbing the drivers here to see if that helps.