Won't able to launch the game

  • I can't launch Diablo 3 (on MAC OS Sierra 10.12.5), everytime i try to launch the game get stuck....Then, i force the close, send the information to Blizzard and a download a patch (36 MB aprox). This download is happening everytime i close the game....
  • Howdy!

    Ensure you are using the Blizzard app to launch the game. If that is how this issue occurs we may be facing a permission or block issue. I'd recommend to check the following:

    - Shut down the Blizzard app and game.

    Step 1) We would want to check permissions to ensure they are working correctly. Please start with your Application Support folder and Shard Folder permissions. Then move to the direct Diablo III folder and Blizzard app folder permissions Here.

    Step 2) Check for third party conflicts Here -> Click the Mac Tab.

    Step 3) Ensure your Operating System's firewall is setup for the Blizzard app and game Here. Select Max OS X from the drop down under the chart.

    Retest! If the issue continues try to clear the Blizzard app's cache files Here.
  • Hey fsroja,

    I am sorry about that. Here is the link for fixing the game folder permissions.