flickering screen sinces server update

  • since the server update aound last week the screen is flickering whenever i try to play Diablo 3
    problem is up until now i never had any problems playing the game and any other game i have is working just like it used to
    i tried troubleshooting myself but i'm stuck
  • Nightmyste,

    I'm afraid your hardware (CPU - Celeron 2955U and GPU - HD Graphics (Haswell)) falls below the minimum requirements for Diablo III which means a symptom like you're seeing could be expected. There's not much we can recommend unfortunately.


    One change you may have made before to get the game to run is changing the HardwareClass entry in your Documents\D3Prefs.txt file. In your case, I'd try it with a value of "1" if it's currently set to anything higher. This isn't really a method to get unsupported hardware to work, but it pretty much accomplishes that for some people with no other choice.