Memory Leak/VERY high RAM usage.

  • I had been playing for around 10 minutes, and have noticed SOME problems with latency, and speed retrieving info from the database for character list, and inventory (A few seconds, to around 30 seconds). This is not a problem with my internet connection, I have already ruled that out (experienced tech professional, qualified). Diablo 3 also crashed (Windows error), due to RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY. I checked the useage, and Diablo 3 was using 5.5 gigabytes RAM for the primary executable (Diablo 3 retail). I was playing a public game, with 2-3 other Necros, in a rift, in a bounty room, and we had just closed the rift; I brought up the map, and started to TP to Leorics Manner Courtyard to search for XP pool, and the system crashed out before bringing up the level.

    My system is-
    Intel 2500K, slight overclock, power saving options off
    Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance RAM 8gb, XMS profile
    Gigabyte Z77 board with latest OEM BIOS (UEFI)
    Samsung 850EVO SSD - Stock Drivers & firmware, no OEM software loaded
    Gigabyte 970 WF3 GPU (no overclock or "tweaks")
    Sound Blaster X-Fi - Basic Drivers (was using HDMI sound to monitor in THIS instance, but Processor still active with drivers running)
    Logitech mouse drivers WITHOUT the "control software" installed, just basic drivers
    no "bling" (rgb, or "gaming" accessories / software)
    Windows 7 Pro, 64 Bit, SP1 with latest updates as of mid-may this year
    Firefox with YouTube running in background
    Nothing remarkable in Windows error log besides the O.O.M. Error
    No other "non-essential" processes running
    No Anti-Virus loaded

    Hope this helps you narrow down the problems that seemed to pop up with latest patch, at least a little. If you need more info, please let me know.
  • Howdy!

    This may be due to the game caching data such as different maps you're loading while playing so it loads faster the next time around. You can see this in Adventure mode when switching between quests and acts, the longer you play in one game. With the system only having 8GB of ram it sounds like you are really running out of memory. The question is if this is a bug or not. We do not have any outstanding memory leaks active. Our goal would be to reduce the game's memory though troubleshooting so you can get back to playing! Then we will cover bug reporting this.

    Step 1) We want to ensure the Blizzard app isn't adding to this issue. Clear your Blizzard App's cache and files following the steps Here. Note: When you get to step 6, delete both the Blizzard Entertainment and folders. Don't run the game yet.

    Step 2) Goto your Documents Folder -> Delete the Diablo III folder at this location. This will reset your client back to default settings.

    Run the Blizzard app -> You may need to locate the game again, the default location is C:\Program files(x86)\. Goto the Blizzard logo at the top left -> Drop down to: Settings -> General -> WHEN I LAUNCH A GAME -> Change the drop down to: Exit the Blizzard app completely. Done.

    Now retest the game. If the issue continues to occur try the following troubleshooting steps:

    Step 3) Run the system in Selective Startup this is to clear up your system resources. Retest while in Selective Startup and all background programs closed down. If the issue occurs again move to step 4.

    Step 4) Run the 32bit client to limit the amount of ram the game will utilize. See if the error continues.

    Let us know if the issue continues!

    I do not see 5.5GB as a direct bug and with 8GB's of system ram it really is possible you are running out of ram. I would still recommend to let our QA and Developers figure this out as they would know the true goal of what they want to keep the game's total usage around. If the steps above do help you resolve this issue, it's still worth posting on our Bug Report forums. I'd recommend to add the following:

    - How long does it take to reach 5.5gbs?
    - Does it occur if you have a large number of Necromancer's in your party only? What about other characters or no Necromancers at all?

    Thank you!
  • Howdy Gerff!

    This is the Technical Support forum. It's important to note we troubleshoot and gather data here which is what we are doing. We don't handle bugs nor am I seeing a large flex of reports of this issue. If you believe you found a bug my troubleshooting should help resolve the issue or help avoid the game crashing while you report this on our Bug Report forums.