Stuck on fetching patch manifest

  • Hi All,

    My macbook air used to run reaper of souls without problems until recently. I had to reinstall my app, and soon after that, my game isn't running anymore, stuck on an eternal beach ball error, and force quit prompts the game to download a 33.5 Patch Manifest task, and the status is always "Updating". After the supposed update, I then go on to have the same error over and over again. Please help. :) Thanks!
  • Hey DeathPants,

    I would make sure that OS X is fully up to date. If it does persist lets go ahead and clear all out of the Blizzard app files. To do this just head over to /Users/Shared/ and delete the and Blizzard folders. From there we will want to delete the folder in /Applications/ and download a fresh copy of the app and hopefully that should get you fixed up.