How to turn off 3D (no NVIDIA options found)

  • Well, after the latest update I see WOW has 3D on.
    I just have no glasses to verify better, but obviously it is in 3D mode.
    I found instructions to look after "3D monitoring" option or something similar
    from NVIDIA control panel to switch it off. Unfortunately there is no such option.

    There are 3D options for selected programs e.g. WOW. The closest thing
    is max number of preliminary frames (use 3d application settings).

    I updated Nvidia driver with no change. Should I place a ticket to Nvidia end or to WOW end?
    I can buy the goggles but this seems very stupid.

    My combination is GeForce GTX 650 Ti + win8 64.
  • As mentioned in one of the posts above in this thread, Control-T toggles Nvidia's 3D mode off and on or you dig a little deeper into the Nvidia Control Panel options and disable it instead.