Diablo 3-5 Sec Freezes

  • I decided to reinstall Diablo 3, along with buying the new expansion, this week and I was welcomed back by a really annoying bug. About every 30-60 seconds, the game would freeze entirely, leaving my cursor to move about, and everything would be back to normal a couple of seconds later. To make clearer, I would attack an enemy from a far distance, a freeze would occur, and once the freeze stops the enemy would be right in front of me. I've searched the forums for a solution, from updating the drivers to reinstalling the game and nothing seems to help.
  • The most 2 most common causes of this I have come across are driver/settings corruption or interference from another program on the system. The following should help take care of either potential cause here.

    Make Sure your OS and Video Drivers are up to date:

    I would like you to perform a clean install of your drivers by completely removing the old drivers as follows:
    1) Let's remove the old drivers via a program called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and choose the first link.
    2) Once that's installed, go ahead and run the program. It will say that you're not in safe mode and ask to run in safe mode. Go ahead and tell it yes to restart into safe mode.
    3) Once in Safe mode the program will pop back up. Simply select your video brand from the drop down and then click Clean and Restart.
    4) Once it restarts the PC you'll want to get your video drivers from the following:

    For AMD video cards go here.
    For Intel go here.
    For all Nvidia Video cards go here.

    Let's reset the in game user options:
    1. Click the blue bnet icon on the bnet app.
    2. Choose settings, then game settings.
    3. Click the reset in game user options button under the correct game listing.
    4. Confirm the changes and close the window.

    If you are on Windows 10, please disable the Game DVR (Please also disable GameBar and GameMode functions if you are on the Creators Build)

    Try running your system in selective startup mode.