the screen goes black !!

  • can someone tell me why when i go to play diablo 3 the screen eventually goes black after a min or two? it worked fine when i was playing trial version then i purchased and this is happening :(

    Does it stay black requiring a system reboot? I would make sure that Windows and your video drivers are up to date and that your system is not Overheating.

    However I would like to get a copy of your DXDIAG so we can look into this further for you. To get this just follow the instructions here and then paste the contents of the DXDIAG.txt in your reply between the [code][/code] tags and we can go from there.

    You cannot just upload the DXDIAG to your post, you will need to open the DXDIAG.txt, copy the contents and paste them between the [code][/code] tags.
  • This is not the full DXDIAG, you will need to open the file, click anywhere in the notepad window, hit Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C. That should copy the full contents of the txt file and then open up a post and hit Ctrl+V to paste it in your reply and we can go from there.