Restore my charactor BLIZZARD!

  • I just played a 4 man rift, while in the rift we all got disconnected and my charactor died while i had no control of the game, i was logged out told server issue was the cause and then had to restart. when i logged back in i was dead. I completely understand the hardcore death, I've played the game long enough to understand what that means, but as for the fact i was disconnected along with the others from the game and to have my character die is not right what so ever. I should in control of my character for the death to mean something, at the end of the day i was not in control i was disconnected from the blizzard servers, i was not alone in this disconnect, I should not be punished or lose a character.
  • Epicdarkmage,

    I'm sorry this happened and I do understand your frustration about dying when the character was not under your control, but a dead hardcore character can not be restored.