Game hangs when interacting with NPC

  • When i try to talk to and interact with NPCS, game just hangs and after a couple of minutes, i get disconnected.

    Have tried a reinstall of game, and problem is not going away, would appreciate any input.

    Thank you
  • Hello bunko!

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing hangs in-game... as you describe it, I suspect either a connection issue, or an issue preventing the game client from behaving as it should.

    For the connection side of things, we have a collection of troubleshooting steps that can help in a variety of situations. Please review these:

    Troubleshooting Connection and Latency Issues

    To address background interference of the game itself, let's start by checking a particular permission setting that our games and programs sometimes need for normal functionality:

    Secondary Logon Service

    Beyond this, we'll want to make sure no other settings or programs are interfering with the game's processes in the background. The following steps will reboot you into a 'light' mode where only the bare essential programs are running:

    Closing Background Applications

    After rebooting into this mode, please retry running the Blizzard app and playing as you normally would.