unable to join game

  • Up until recently I could play D3 on computer with WinXP. Now it loads to where 5 dots near bottom screen are cycling. My dots do not cycle and after few min. I get message unable to join game. What's up with that?
  • Howdy!

    Windows XP isn't supported for the game and Windows Support for the OS has ended as well, More information can be found Here. This issue overall though sounds connection related. I would recommend to double check you have the latest updates possible for your Operating System and drivers. Double check any reasons why the game could be blocked such as third party anti-virus/firewall software. Try our connection troubleshooting steps, start with step 2 Here.
  • Make sure to try the steps on our support article Here. If the issue continues you may need to attempt to reinstall the game or try accessing the game from another Admin account.