Oddly Low FPS

  • So its time to post some system crap so you all get a fix of what is going on.

    Brief Description:
    - I'm getting super LOW FPS for an unknown reason.
    - Other games like CS:GO and OW I get around 150-200 FPS (Monitor only handles 144FPS, Just running off what programs are telling me)

    Current PC:
    - Vishera 8320 (OC to 4.02ghz)
    - GSkill Ripjaws *2 Sticks of 4gb, 2 Sticks of 8gb*(24gb - Timings 8, 8, 8, 8, 21 - Not OC'd - Timings match on different sizes, so does capacity, only difference is size)
    - NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Seahawk X (Also Not OC'd as there is no reason, Sits at around 32c under 80% Threshold Load)
    - 0750w Corsair CX PSU
    - H110i Liquid Cooling (CPU sits under full load at 1h Benchmarks at around 34c)
    - Gigabyte 970 Mobo

    Things that have changed since 2 Months ago:
    - 1070 Seahawk (Up from GTX 950)
    - 750w PSU (Up from 600w)
    - Full reformat

    I have no idea where to work from here because previously when I would stream, I would pull 80+FPS in D3 on a 950, where a 1070 can't pull past 35FPS while not streaming. Currently this test was ran on basically just the Blizzard Launcher and D3 running. That's it. Nothing extra or special.

    Thoughts, Comments, Concerns, Potential Fixes are all welcome.
  • Hey there Xinterp,

    Thanks for the info. I do have some ideas/questions for you.

    - Have you tried using the Geforce Experience app to Optimize the game settings for Performance to see if that helps?
    - What resolution are you running the game at and what monitor are you using?
    - Try disabling Nvidia Share (in Geforce Experience settings), the Windows 10 Xbox DVR (through the Xbox app), and Battle.net Streaming (through the Battle.net app settings) to see if those help with performance.

    Feel free to post the contents of your DXDIAG as well and we can take a look.

    Obtaining system files