BUG: Seasonal Journey, extracted legendaries

  • NIX
    So as many people noticed, the game currently have 2 trackers for extracted legendary item powers.

    One in the achievement tab (which is correct) and one hidden one which tracks the extracted legendary powers for the seasonal portraits (10,25,50,75,100). That one is currently bugged and doesn't count class specific legendary powers which makes the portrait achivms quite difficult.

    For an example my achievement tab says that i earned the achievement for 75 extractions but my Seasonal Journey says that i haven't because i extracted some Witch Doctor legendaries. Once i extracted a few more bonuses i got the Seasonal achievement too.
  • Thank you for the detailed report, Elive. We're still looking into this issue, but do not have any updates to provide at the moment. We know this is affecting a large number of players, though, so we'll be sure to share any new info as soon as we can. Thanks!