Authenticator on Android - no menu

  • I just got a smartphone :)

    I was using an authenticator on my wife's ipod. I had a nice menu I could get into by tapping the menu button on the top of the screen. The menu had options for "View Code", "Setup", "Restore" etc.

    Now on my Android HTC One V phone, the app has none of that. There is NO MENU that I can figure out anywhere. I'm on the view code screen, which is fine, unless something goes wrong in the future. I would like to have it figured out before then.

    I've tried everything I can think of. The only buttons available from the app are to "Sync" or "Copy to clipboard" the phone has a back button, which brings me back the the home screen, a home button, which brings me to the home screen, and a recent apps button, which gives me ... recent apps. I've even randomly tapped the screen all over in hopes of finding some hidden easter egg version of the menu to no avail.

    It's running Android 4.0.3
  • Evrion,

    Could you post your issue over here on this forum?

    Technical Support really has nothing to do with the mobile apps.