Account Flagged for Garbage Collection

  • Hello,

    I was in General Chat earlier today and this message popped up in gold,

    Server: [Rorak] says: Account flagged for garbage collection. Press sync to avoid deletion

    Any reason why I would get a message like this? Also, General Chat was talking about it, so it wasn't just me who received it.

    Here is a screenshot of the event.

    While probably dumb, I did click on sync and what popped up was a box showing the last achievement I clicked on in chat. A friend got the Brief Butchering achievement, and that was what popped up when I clicked on sync, as if I clicked on the achievement link.
  • We're aware of [Server] messages like this popping up. I'ts nothing to be concerned with really, it's just a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

    Customer Support Representative