Open and then close 2C0C248E-82E2-4BF2-BCF0-6A96B6FF56DA

  • Can't enter diablo every time it just open and close right after with error code.
  • Hey Tindere,

    I looked over that crash report and the big thing that stands out is the Windows Anniversary update for Windows 10. That update auto enables the XBox Game DVR, which is conflicting with most of our games right now. Can you try disabling the game dvr and then run a scan and repair on Diablo to see if that helps, please.

      To disable the game dvr:
      - press the start menu
      - search for XBox
      - open and log into the XBox app (if you don't have a Microsoft account, create one)
      - click settings (gear icon in the lower left corner)
      - click over to the DVR tab and move the slider to the off position