Are character name changes possible?

  • I've been wondering for awhile if we'd get the option or if it would be possible somehow ticket for a character name change. I have an existing D3 character I really enjoy, but I dislike the name I rolled it with.

    It's a service I'd be willing to pay for if it were available, but as far as I can tell it is not. It's very much a personal thing as you only ever see it during quests and on menu screens, but still lends to feeling demotivated/enjoying the character class less.

    I'm not sure how hard set the game architecture is in terms of character names, but if it's possible in some way, or if anyone has successfully submitted a ticket for it and had a name change, please let me know.
  • Batman,

    I'm afraid changing a Diablo III character's name isn't an option built into the game currently. That isn't to say it won't ever be, but I've not heard of any plans to make it available.

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