Error 3005, Can't Play Diablo :(

  • Everytime I try to login i enter my details then it stops at the Connecting to Then after about 15 seconds it says, "There was error connecting to (Error 3005). How the hell do i fix this? I was able to get on before that new patch thing came out. Sometimes it says you have been disconnected to Been trying for a few days and its the same. Possible waste of money?
  • Can you try flushing your DNS and see if this helps?

    Flush the DNS
      1. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/ and launch Terminal.
      2. Copy/Paste the following:
      <code>dscacheutil -flushcache</code>3. Press return.
      Note: You will not get any feedback from Terminal if this is done correctly on any OS.
      4. Then go in your Network pref pane => Advanced and click "Renew DHCP lease"
      5. Attempt to connect to the game.