Unresponsive Mouse/Keyboard

  • Since 2.4.3. I have had issues with my mouse becoming unresponsive in game, which prevents my character from moving. If I port to town, my character automatically starts running and I can't stop it. This has happened in the new Tristram dungeon and once on the 2nd level of the worm cave in Desolate sands while doing a bounty..

    If I ALT+TAB to Windows, my mouse is still unresponsive. Sometimes the keyboard doesn't work and sometimes it does. Once I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE and my screen went blank and I could no longer do anything, except a hard reboot.

    In the weeks/month prior to 2.4.3. I was playing hours per day without issue.

    I can't remember if I've updated my GPU drivers, but I probably have.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    Below is my DXDiag.

  • Howdy Cavar!

    I looked over that DxDiag and I can confirm that your video drivers are indeed up to date. The freezing and crash you described here sounds like there may be some conflicting programs or possibly some system file issues. Please try the steps below to see if you stop running into the mouse and keyboard not responding and the game freezing and crashing.