Error 3025

  • I've been trying to log in to Diablo III but I keep getting Error 3025 during "authenticating credentials". I've done the ipconfig steps and flushed my dns, but nothing is working. This happens every single time I try to play Diablo III.
  • Persephone,

    In the past I've seen this error be caused by software not getting alone. Most of the time it's been tablet software. If you are using any lets turn it off and unplug the tablet.
    If not go ahead and close background applications.

    ~ Zayssie
  • supaworm,

    If you have not already I do recommend going through the following steps.

    - Optimize your connection

    - Power cycle your devices

    - Release and renew your IP and flush your DNS

    - Joining General chat can help keep your connection active. To join the General chat channel:

    Log in to Diablo III.
    Click the cogwheel icon in the chat box on the left side of the screen.
    Click Join Public Chat.
    Click General.

    Let me know if the error continues!

    ~ Zayssie