Patch 2.4.3: PC Crash Reports

  • Hey all,

    We've received a few scattered reports of crashes from players and we're attempting to hone in on the cause. So far, we've narrowed it down to the following scenario:

      When using the 64-bit client and DirectX 11While the client is in Fullscreen modeWhen switching focus from Diablo III to another program (or back again)Running on Windows 7 (64-bit) machines with an NVIDIA graphics card

    If you have encountered a crash in the above scenario, we need your help! Please reply to this thread with your dxdiag results (and please put your results in [code] tags so as to keep the thread tidy). This will help us sort out the issue in a more timely fashion as we identify commonalities between occurrences.

    Thanks for your help and your patience as we work to resolve these issues!