Crash/Cant connect

  • Crash/Cant connect?

    When i start up diablo, it freezes during 'setting up connection with battlenet servers' after the freeze it crashes.

  • Howdy!

    Reviewing the occurrence error codes this appears to be related to the game interacting with Microsoft Visual Studio or a related operating system source but failing to do so properly. This can be caused by a driver issue or third party conflict. From what I see it may be driver related.

    I'd recommend the following steps before attempting to try the game again:

    Step 1) Ensure you have ran Windows Updates.

    Step 2) Your Nvidia Drivers appear to be out dated, update to the latest version here: During install when you get to the Install Options section select: Custom (Advanced) -> Next -> Uncheck: Nvidia Geforce Experience and checkmark: Perform a clan installation. Restart the computer when you have finished.

    Retest! If the issue continues try running System File Checker following the steps Here. Then run the 32bit client.

    Thank you!