Account, Wrong Edition

  • SO logged into my account and both of my D3 reaper and SC2 say that they are standard edition and upgrade available. thing is i already have Collector edition on both. A actual box for D3 and a Digital DL for SC2 LotV. i got it touch with GM Gauravv and he sees them as collector from his end. I made sure im in my account and refreshed, logged in and out twice for good measure. But still the same. HELP HELP PLZ XD
  • Hey Raith,

    I had actually just noticed this earlier when I was looking at my account management and was puzzled as all my games are Collectors Editions and now D3 and SC2 are showing as Standard Edition for me as well. It looks like this is purely a display bug that our devs are aware of and looking into. If you do try to purchase the Digital Deluxe upgrade it won't let you do it and will correctly tell you that you are already upgraded.

    As GM Gauravv mentioned we do see it on our end and all the bonus' from the Collectors Edition are there so once the display issue is resolved it will correct itself.