Game stutter

  • Game Stutter:

    Here's what I have found:

    -This is intermittent
    -This is an issue that has arrived several times in the past (from older threads posted by other players).
    -The stutter occurs consistently 2-3 seconds every time it initiates.
    -Across all characters and play modes.

    Here's what I have tried:

    -Turning sound off, to see if there was a certain sound causing the conflict. Nada.
    -Updating v.card driver for my NVidia gtx 970, I have the most recent one that I have installed fresh, deleting all previous drivers. -Still ongoing.
    -Shut off DVR option in both Xbox app and V.card, NVidia calls it shield. Nope.
    -Played around with the video settings, even turning everything to bare bones bottom, still happens.
    -This is the only game this happens with, and happens to be the one that I want to play. Far as I can tell, this problem started happening about 2 weeks ago.

    Here's my setup:

    i7-6700 @3.40GHz
    8GB Ram
    64-bit Win 10 Home
    NVidia gtx970 with most recent driver (2.14.2017)

    Any insight would be fantastic. Just got my Monk to a gentlemans' T9 and would like to keep progressing without this little thing messing things up in a big way.


  • Hey there Chikaka!

    Took a look over this and wanted to see if you were part of any communities. If so could we try leaving them and see if your problem persists?

    Apart from that I'd also want to test with the 32 bit client as this will also revert the game to DirectX 9: