Teleport responsiveness and other changes

  • Hey guys, Ive been seeing a few things in game and want to know if you have as well.

    First: Teleport seems a lot less responsive than it used to. Delays between clicking the skill and the actual teleport, occasional non activation, etc. This is something I noticed on the PTR and posted on the bug forum. (Note, 64 bit client only)

    Second: How about all those ranged mobs! What a fantastic change to greater rifts.
  • Thanks for the report on this. We'd like to do a bit more in-depth digging, so I'd like to ask a few questions:

      What version of Teleport are you using? Rune or whether or not it is the Archon version would be good to know!Are you using any items or powers that affect Teleport, such as Aether Walker or Illusionist?What actions are you attempting to take immediately before or after teleporting? Just movement, or casting a spell? If so, which spell(s)?When does the delay occur? Before your character actually moves, or after the teleport occurs?

    More responses would be more helpful, as that can help us hone in on a commonality between these reports and an ultimate source issue. It's always possible latency is playing a part, but if there's a clear cause we can take action on, we of course want to take care of it!