game stuttering after patch.

  • yes my game is stuttering super bad now. tried both reverting 32bit and 64bit. game was perfectly fine solid 150ish fps 2.4.2. hell even on 2.4.3 ptr i was running about 150 fps. but now that its on live im running at 70 and it drops to 20 every 3 ish seconds just standing still.

    specs: I7 intel 6700, 980TI, 16gb ram
  • Hey, BeoArmWar!

    Let's try something out to see if it helps.

    Completely uninstall your Nvidia drivers using DDU:

    Instructions for the Display Driver Uninstaller: the newest drivers. When you do this *only* select the Graphics Driver and PhysX in the Custom Installation. Uncheck everything else: the D3Prefs.txt file located in the Documents/Diablo III folder. This will reset all in-game settings to default.Let me know if this helps at all!
  • Okay.

    Can you please collect a DXDIAG and post it here using the Code Blocks button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the code tags.

    and can you also email me an MSINFO to [email protected] with the title: game stuttering after patch - 20752589157 - [BeoArmWar]

  • Hey again, BeoArmWar!

    To clarify, you made sure to follow the steps exactly in the DDU instructions in my first post and you made sure to delete the D3Prefs.txt file? Just wanted to be sure the steps were followed exactly, as the files indicated that they were not.
  • Okay, would you mind emailing me an MSINFO and DXDIAG using the steps above, please? :)
  • Running the game in 32-bit mode should utilize DX9.
  • Thanks everyone for testing and figuring this out. :)

    We have passed along the information to be investigated.