Graphic lag/freezes problem

  • I got this problem where every 5 minutes or so, the graphics will freeze/lag.
    Reason why I said lag is when it "freezes", I can still use healing technique or potions, when it unfreezes in about 3 - 4 seconds, I can see the healing technique activated or potion used.
    This is extremely annoying when I'm playing greater rifts where reviving time extends each time I die....and during the 3 seconds freeze/lag, most of the time I die. I stopped playing D3 quite a few months ago because of this. Now after a few updates it's still here. Please let me know what I can do..apart for the usual "repair" or "game setting reset" as I've done all those already.

    Hardware Overview:
    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac11,3
    Processor Name: Intel Core i5
    Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
    Number of Processors: 1
    Total Number of Cores: 4
    L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
    L3 Cache: 8 MB
    Memory: 16 GB
    Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s
    Boot ROM Version: IM112.0057.B03
    SMC Version (system): 1.59f2

    ATI Radeon HD 5750:
    Chipset Model: ATI Radeon HD 5750
    Type: GPU
    Bus: PCIe
    PCIe Lane Width: x16
    VRAM (Total): 1024 MB
    Vendor: ATI (0x1002)
    Device ID: 0x68a1
    Revision ID: 0x0000
    ROM Revision: 113-B9710C-238
    EFI Driver Version: 01.00.417
    Display Type: LCD
    Resolution: 2560 x 1440
    Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
    Main Display: Yes
    Mirror: Off
    Online: Yes
    Automatically Adjust Brightness: Yes
    Built-In: Yes

    System Software Overview:
    System Version: macOS 10.12.2 (16C67)
    Kernel Version: Darwin 16.3.0
    Boot Volume: Mac OS X
    Boot Mode: Normal
    Computer Name:
    User Name:
    Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled
    System Integrity Protection: Enabled
    Time since boot: 8 days 21:09
  • Hey Krazcool,

    Thank you for letting us know what you tried. There can be several things that can cause freezing like this. We may need to do a bit of troubleshooting to find out what has been causing this. The steps below I have seen help stop freezing like this before. Please do try all the steps below.

    • To be on the safe side make sure everything on the Mac is up to date.

    • It is possible another program could be interfering with Diablo III. To see if this is the case please run your computer with login items disabled.

    • Let's set the App to close when a game is running.
    1) On the App click on the big icon in the upper left corner.
    2) Then click on Settings from the dropdown menu that opens up.
    3) In the General preference tab, under the When I launch a game field, select Exit completely.
    4) Click on done and launch Diablo III

    • Please power cycle the network equipment and flush the DNS.

    • If the computer is on a wireless connection please try a wired connection to see if it makes a difference.