Screen freezes on Desolate Sands, but Sound is working.

  • I tried all of the work suggestions for game and Video card settings in the forums, but none of those work. I found a posting that suggested a change in the Video card driver, but it also said the that was to fix the crashing issue and was not for the screen going dark but sounds was still playing. The game continues on cause I can hear it and when I click the mouse to shoot secondary weapon I hear it go off.

    I didn't find a forum entry for this problem. Can you help by either directing me to that forum or through this ticket?

    Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6570
    Driver installed: 15.201.1151.1008
    Driver release date: 11/4/2015
    Computer: Intel CPU 650@ 3.20 GHz
    Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
    Memory: 16GB
    System Type: x64-based processor

    This only happens on Desolate Sand (DS) screen. I can approach from the Hidden Aqueducts and I can port into the Ancient Path, but when I get to the entry to the southern most part of DS the screen goes blank, but sound is still heard. I also cannot port into DS.
  • Howdy Greyjoy!

    With the Desolate Sands lock ups this is almost always resolved by updating to the newest Crimson drivers for AMD. We haven't seen this issue with NVIDIA yet so if you have a NVIDIA card or if updating your drivers doesn't work please start your own forum post with your DXDIAG posted.

    It's always best to start your own post instead of necroing an older post. Due to how old this forum is I will be locking it but please start a new post if you continue to have issues after updating.