GRifts -- where is the Rift Guardian!

  • It happens sometimes when you hear "The rift guardian has arrived" but no indicator on the map where it is. Sometimes it doesn't spawn close by and wastes that precious time looking for it. Normal rifts it doesn't matter but for greater rifts it sucks to lose a timer on that. If it can't be fixed to spawn near the players then I would like to see a beacon or note of the floor even. I've had it spawn on the floor above on the odd occasion too.
  • Great feedback. We agree that it can be frustrating to have a Greater Rift Guardian spawn in a location that is unclear or unspecified, especially if you’re running down that timer. Right now, if a Rift Guardian spawns on an undiscovered part of the Rift map or at certain distance away from the player, sometimes the indicator will not appear. Though technically not a bug, we still want adventurers fighting the Greater Rift Guardian and not the Greater Rift map, so we’ll be working to improve this functionality (ideally making it easier and more consistent for players to see where a Greater Rift Guardian spawns) in a future game update.

    With this, we’re also looking at tuning and improving the AI that determines where a Greater Rift Guardian can spawn to begin with.
  • 10/01/2014 12:49 AMPosted by TheTias
    Also, this is not just a greater rift problem. This is massively annoying in regular rifts too and should be remedied there as well.

    The updates would apply to both regular and Greater Rifts.