PTR Gamecrash after entering any town

  • Hello,
    i tried everything to get it working, but i still cant play the PTR.
    i tried both clients 64 and 32 bit with any graphic setup, none works.
    my PC is uptodate, no other programs are hindering D3, i runned the memory diagnostics, i runned the sfc scan, antimalewarebytes and bitdefender virus scan didnt find any malware/trojaner/viruses and so on, ofc all games are in the trusted applications on my bitdefinder.
    here is my Msinfo.txt:
  • Gilgamesh,

    Try disabling or uninstalling your Razer apps.

    DBG-MODULE<592F0000 0001d000 "RzChromaSDK.dll" "RzChromaSDK.pdb" 0 {53b9d3fb-1cbc-47c8-b7e2ffd1abf91814} 1 1476774873>

    Update*** I've been informed that with an update earlier today, there shouldn't be any more issues with Razer's apps occurring so there's no need to disable them. Can you test the PTR again please?