Frame Rate Drops in multiple game modes

  • Diablo Team/Blizzard,

    Let me start by confessing – I am one of millions of your dedicated Diablo addicts. I have been with Diablo since day 1 and have more hours of gameplay that is probably healthy for a grown man should play. I am a Cyber Security engineer by day, and die-hard Diablo player by night. I have been to 3 Blizzcons, have pictures with Wyatt Cheng, and will defend Diablo as being the greatest game ever.

    However, I am reaching my boiling point. I have skipped the last few Diablo seasons because I simply cannot stand the frame rate drops any longer. I have awaited patches and fixes, while patiently biting my tongue for far too long. When patches failed me, I turned to spending thousands of dollars in computer equipment to try and fix it with hardware from my end – all to no avail.

    With this newest pending patch, I felt that my frustrations were finally being addressed So with excitement and eager delight, I logged into the PTR environment to test the new 90fps support since I could never get 60fps working without drops – only to be yet again disappointed.

    I have a EVGA NVIDIA GTX 970. I have tried every setting possible individually and some combinations of them. I am currently in the 64bit PTR client with a 90hz monitor, I have also enabled 90hz via my NVIDIA settings. With the changes posted in the PTR regarding frame rate and 64bit client, it seems you may be taking steps to resolve the drops even though this is still not being acknowledged.

    I am now finally able to get zero frame drops with multiple people playing but it is NOT consistent, as soon as I leave the client and come back, chances are it will start dropping again, until I switch Screen mode to full-screen, and back again. It is so inconsistent on how I have gotten this to work. I have to do the following to get it to not drop with multiple users in the game:

    MaxForegroundFPS "90"
    ChannelsToUse "16"
    DisableTrilinearFiltering "1"


    Window Mode (not fullscreen)
    -2560 90hz
    -reflections off
    -vsync enabled
    -max checked (90)
    -min checked (8)


    -low effects
    -no ssao

    AND as mentioned above, if I leave I have to toggle between screen modes until it works again with no drops.

    I have not tried every possible variation of all the config file settings – but have exhausted all viable options I can come up with. I do know that if I can get a solid 90 fps using these settings (intermittently), then surely there are bugs.

    Please... PLEASE – tell me this is an known issue and you have a solution that will be released in JAN with the new patch. I've been hoping this would have been acknowledged by now but it has not, despite the countless frame rate drop posts. I am out of options and out of patience.

    I am not alone in this frustration, and believe this to literally be a game-ender. I only play hardcore game-mode and this causes me to RIP (or have RIP'd multiple times). I can only best equate it to an annoying fly, buzzing around ones head. Initially it's only a mild disturbance – but eventually you will deploy nuclear bombs to kill that sucker if he doesn't bug off!

    Please don't let this be what ends Diablo for me. I am desperately open to any and all suggestions for fixes that I can impact, and/or would be happy to supply more detailed information to help address this issue. As I have said though, I have been through MANY forums since launch trying to fix this, and none have helped this far, I have also tried many different hardware setups and devices so please if you have suggestions make sure they are new!

    Thanks in advance
  • Could those of you experiencing this issue post a DxDiag for us? This would really help us in our investigations. :)