2.4.3 64 Bit Client

  • Will Mac users benefit from this or just Windows ?
  • Hey all,

    In our patch notes we did make a callout for a new 64 bit client for Windows. As of now this is only for Windows operating systems and was built with directX in mind. We don't have any information whether or not a similar client is being developed for Mac OS.
  • Hey everyone! I wanted to provide an update on this topic.

    The Mac team is looking into adding a 64-bit client and utilizing Metal in future patches. It's too early to tell when that will happen but stay tuned, I'll provide additional updates as they become available.
  • Skelos,
    12/09/2016 05:41 AMPosted by Skelos
    @Byromern: Thanks for the info, any news if D3 will go 64-bit-only in the future or there aren't any such plans?

    When the 64-bit client is released in a future patch there will not be a 32-bit mode.