Mouse Issues

  • I am using a Macbook Pro

    About a month ago I started diablo up and my mouse stutters all over the place randomly. If I hold down the left mouse button it seems to be okay, but as soon as I let it go it stutters all over again. I tried buying a new mouse, replacing my moousepad, reinstalling diablo 3, and reinstalling Razor synapse. Using other mice. It doesnt matter what moouse I use it is the same thing,,,,

  • Heyo!

    If the stuttering happens when holding down keys then I'd suggest lowering the repeat rate on the keyboard. This may vary depending on which OS you're on but in general you can get to the settings by choosing Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard. From there you should have Key Repeat slider we can lower.
  • Hey all!

    Our Compatibility team was able to reproduce this issue and are working with our Diablo III devs to address this in a future update!

    In the meantime, setting your display mode to Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen) will resolve the issue. It's only occurring in Fullscreen according to our testing!

    If you're able to reproduce this in either Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen), please post with details about your Mac and what you were doing to reproduce the issue.