2.4 Wizard Wishlist

  • Blizzcon is coming and I'm hoping for some good news (really any news) on how they plan on balancing wizards into group play. Hopefully they do a tavern type talk like they did last year and we can put in some suggestions.

    My QoL wishes

    Legendary Gems in Kanai's CubeReason - Switching back and forth between characters to find my bane of the trapped (because it's "best" for most builds/classes) gets very annoying on top of server stress from entering/leaving game. Putting them in the cube clears that up since it's account wide. It also frees up some stash space. Right now, we have 20 Lgems and counting that spots cleared up in stash by moving them to the cube

    After paragon 800, +2 to main stat instead of +5 (Vit still does +5 up to 50 stacks then +1 after)Reason - Paragons rule the leaderboards this allows some more casual players compete. This will narrow the gap between the high paragon levels and mid paragon levels.

    Buffing Goblin ShrinesReason - I haven't seen one since they were nerfed. I'm doubting they even exist anymore. Goblin shrines were fun. Place them outside of rifts making bounties more worth running since you can double up on farming mats.

    Remove/Cap +XP gearReason - You should have noticed a huge gap between those who solo and those who group play. +XP is already granted for playing in groups and even more when you can run with 2-3 XP players. Capping or even removing will lower the gap a decent amount.

    Remove Caves from Grifts tile options.Reason - These maps are quite challenging. They usually have multiple dead ends and loops which kill your chances at completing a Grift successfully. Furthermore, they usually have a very poor density making it even harder on tap of the map layout. Removing them from the tile options should reduce fishing and server stress.

    Update sets/items with pointless general affixes (I.E. +MF on Cain's set)Reason - affixes like +MF, +GF, and +MS should be removed off set bonus/gems. Since these affixes fail to give the same bonus as going up in a Torment level. Changing a Topaz in helm to RCR and Emerald to Area Damage will give more bonus than other affixs.

    Additional Legendary Gems for weaponsReason - Emerald is by far the best option to put in the socket on our weapons. Legendary gems offer some diversity there. They should probably beat an emerald after level 50-ish.

    Sage set now actually gives double DBsReason - T9/10 are not worth running when farming death breathes. I can clear faster and net more DB because it's not a true double of DBs. Allowing 4 DBs when 2 drop naturally would make T9-T10 worth running IMO.

    My Wizard wishes

    Wand of Woh rolling Melee redux as an additional secondaryReason - Wizard does not have the 30% damage redux that other melee classes have. This is a big hit on the rarest item for wizard since it requires us to go melee. Adding melee redux as a secondary for this item (since it really is special) would allow us to run this item in higher grifts.

    Updated affixes for: Slorak's, Valthek's Rebuke, Smoldering Core, Broken Staff, Autumn's Call, Starfire, Blackhand KeyReason - These items either have bad affixes or no affixes.
      Slorak's - Channeling spells no longer have a ramp up (item now can roll +Dis, RoF, or AT)

      Valthek's Rebuke - Energy Twister now travels at half or double it's normal speed and circles around you (think Arcane Orb)

      Smoldering Core -let this item affect elites or redesign it to all meteor's now come in a shower (Meteor Shower becomes bigger)

      Broken Staff - Mirror Images now deal X% of you damage

      Autumn's Call - Blizzard now stacks X times

      Starfire - Star Pact no longer drains your AP and damage increase is calculated at your MAX AP pool

      Blackhand Key - Removes the Cooldown on blackhole but costs 25 AP

    Magic Weapon and Familiar work like Laws with some type of active buffReason - I know somewhere at sometime someone said that these were going to be looked at. I feel 2.4 should be the right time or "soon" as you guys put it. Cast MW or Familiar and forget it is really really boring. Making them like Laws and Matras would be nice. Make most/all of them buff party to make us wanted in group play.

    Reworked Firebird's setReason - DoT is boring. Hit a marker then stay within distance and watch it die. This set needs to be redone completely. There are alot of good posts in the past about possible changes.

    AW procs F/R bonusReason - Simple: It just should. It's a teleport is a "spender" once AW is equipped.

    Tal's buff can restackReason - Why the buff falls off to begin with is begin with is beyond me. Change the icon for buff bar to be slices of pie in colors if it would be too hard to see which needs to be restacked.

    Tal's 4pc should be changed from a specific element to All Resist and amount should be comparable to straight damage mitigationReason - Most classes get mitigation to all forms and a flat redux, but wizard get a buff to 4 elements and less overall. If you get a wasps or bogan greater rift, might as well restart because you are automatically SOL not to mention majority of RGs are of the poison element.

    PROC-COEFFS worked onReason - They were nerfed to the ground because of CM. CM is gone, but proc-coeffs were never adjusted.

    Diamond Skin to work like Ignore PainReason - Shields do not scale well in greater rifts and this skill is one of the least used skills in the game. Please just make this skill work like Ignore Pain. Give it a cooldown.
      Unruned - Become encase in a diamond shell decreasing incoming damage by X% for X seconds

      Healing Cocoon - Gain X life per second while Diamond Skin is active

      Cutting Diamond - Gain X% damage while Diamond Skin is active

      Encasement - Project your shell outward. giving all allies w/i your extended shell diamond skin benefits. (this will look kinda like a slow time bubble)

      In The Rough - decreases cooldown by X seconds

      The Shining - While diamond skin is active, your Arcane Power o Critical Hit is doubled

    Item to make non - mammoth hydra worth usingReason - All hydras are crap compared to Mammoth hydra. Please update Magistrate or add a new item to make non-mammoth more competitive. New Affix can be Aerial attacking hydras now cast Arcane Orbs of their element.

    Channeling plans (would be nice to know how they are going to fix skills that don't work with the gameplay)Reason - Channeling spells honestly feel like they have no place in the end game. It requires us to stand still but the game meta is to move and kill fast while channeling is for long battles. I'm really curious on how you guys plan on making this spell work because it's really it's core principles that don't work with the game. EVERYONE would like to see a channeling set.

    A complete overhaul of our armoursReason - Our Armors are really not that great. Outside of Energy Armor (runes Prismatic and Force Armour) they provide little to no defense. They really need to be looked at. There are multiple posts in the past on the ptr and wizard forum on possible changes or ideas.

    Other's wishes

    Proctection Bracers - Suggested by JennyReason - Channeling makes up 1/2 of our spenders and they are almost usuable because we can not stand still to take damage
      Gain a Shield for 300% of your Life after casting a Signature Spell. (this has a 3 second cooldown)
      While Channeling all damage is reduced by 30%

    APoC is a secondary roll on Wizard Helmets, Wands, and Sources - Suggested by TheDutchManReason - Could open up the ability to spam more and some builds we wouldn't be required to use MW-Conduit or Familiar-Arcanot or Storm Armor-Power of the Storm

    Passives need a overhaul - Suggested by MuzReason - We have really good passives (Audacity, Elemental Exposure, Illusionist to a degree), but majority of our passives are lackluster. I will post other threads with previous ideas.

    Wizard set helms changed to Wizard Hats - Suggested by MalakaiReason - they should capable of rolling APoC and Max AP. It can be build-limiting at times always having to choose Magic Weapon: Conduit for just about every single build that uses AP regularly.
  • Interesting thoughts in here. Tagging this to keep an eye on it. :)

    I'd love to see a little more explanation behind some of these requests. In depth explanation not only allows the community team to better communicate your concerns but also helps our developers hone in on issues at their root cause.

    11/03/2015 01:44 PMPosted by Ardencroft
    This is a wishlist! Stop treading on my dreams!

    Indeed! While practicality is important for implementation on our end, sometimes dreamy suggestions come with a seed of potential. That, at times, can be the source of change, though not always in quite the way you imagined.

    As a general caveat, we can't guarantee every suggestion will get implemented. Some may conflict with technical limitations or design goals. However, we're always reading, reporting, and passing on feedback, and though we may not always comment on it, your feedback definitely plays an important part in our design process.
  • 11/04/2015 10:15 AMPosted by normalice
    what if it's not really a "problem" so much as just 'something that would be neat'? Is that still something for which detail is appreciated?

    Definitely! Knowing the reasons behind why you want something, or more detail on why you think it would be a great/fun addition, is really helpful.