New Blizzcon Diablo pet is Too Loud

  • Hello

    I'm glad I got this new Diablo pet for Blizzcon virtual ticket.

    It looks awesome.
    But the play with him does not seem possible...

    He's loud, he always growls. This is wildly annoying!
    Idk.. can you just remove this growl sound effect?

    Please reply anyone who own this pet and feel the same as me! :)
  • We're working on a fix for this (and a couple of other bugs, including one that addresses a crash occurring for Windows Anniversary users). It will likely require a minor patch to apply, and we'll post the details here on the forums once they are available.
  • 10/28/2016 09:18 AMPosted by Heimdall
    Oh cool. And maybe, uhm, U could fix it's skin not too look like crappy 10years ago in-game pet o.O

    This is a separate (although topically related) issue as it appears that some of the texture layers didn't port over into the 2.4.2 patch.

    We'll have a fix for this as well, I just don't have an ETA to share at this time. We'll certainly keep you updated! You can expect the Diablo pet to look much more like he appears in the GIF at the bottom of the Diablo @ BlizzCon 2016 blog once we get the fix out.