PS4 online coop

  • I have various questions on ps4 online coop mode. Cant find the right answers by searching the forum maybe Im too stupid ^^

    1. Does every player need an own PSN Account or can both coop players use one profile?
    2. Which chars will the second player be able to choose? Thinking of me beeing lvl60 and a fried coming to visit without his own copy of d3...can he access my chars or do we have to play together with me beeing lvl 60 and him beeing lvl1?
    3. If me and a fried are planning to play together on couch...will we both be able to play my profiles characters online at the same time with just one psn and one ps+ account?
  • 08/14/2014 03:49 PMPosted by Colombo
    So if my friend creates his own PSN Account but has no PS+ and I have an PSN+PS+, we can play online on one PS4 together and both chars will be saved?

    For same screen co-op where one of the accounts has PS+, yes. Additional details for the various consoles are as follows:

      Xbox 360 - Each separate account needs Xbox Gold, Guests can log in through same screen co-op (data won’t be saved).PS3 – Players don’t need PS+ to play online.PS4/Xbox One – If a user with an online console subscription has made their console their Primary PS4 or Home XboxOne, then anyone playing on that console can play online without having subscriptions, but they must be signed in to an SEN or XBL account. In this case, the user with the subscription does not need to be signed in or playing. If no user with a subscription has set the console as their Primary PS4 or Home Xbox One, then all players will need a subscription.

    Setting the PlayStation 4 as the Primary console:

      To activate the system after you first sign in:
      Select [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4] > [Activate]

    PS4 Support Page

    Setting Xbox One as Primary console:

      Say “Xbox, go to settings,” or choose Settings from My games & apps.Select My home Xbox from the left side of the screen.Review the information, and then select This is my home Xbox to designate the console as your home Xbox.

    Xbox Support Site

    (Post edited 8/21 to clarify steps for setting PS4/Xbox One host console as Primary)
  • Hi all, my previous post wasn't entirely correct - it has now been edited. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused! For PS4 and Xbox One users, please take note of the new information which was shared there which concerns having the host console set as the Primary (Home) console.

    Additionally @Roman:

    08/20/2014 12:01 PMPosted by Roman
    Having also problems playing coop together with my wife online. We didn't play D3 on PS3 or Xbox360, so we're starting completely new on PS4.

    I have PS+ and connected my SEN Account to Battlenet (I had that one from my PC games)
    I created a new PS4 User for my wife and created an SEN Account for her too
    I connected my wifes new SEN Account to an also newly created Battlenet Account from her.

    The situation now is, that when I'm opening a new game, and so I'm the leader she can add to the char titel screen though, but gets an error that she need to obtain an SEN account in order to play online (which in fact she already has).

    The strange thing is - if she starts Diablo3 and creats a new game I can join the char titel screen by klicking X without any error messages. We're even able to join other online games together.

    If a user has PS+ the game is made Online Friends Only by default. Any local user can join, but if they are not signed in to an SEN account OR don't have PS+ (or if no person with PS+ has set the PS4 as a Primary), they'll need to do so OR the game can be set to a LAN game.

    In your case Roman, if you are the player making the game party and your wife is dropping in, either she is not signed in to her SEN account on the PS4, OR it’s possible that you did not make the PS4 your Primary PS4.

    The other player can continue and bump the game down to a LAN game. However, if she was the one to make the game party, then it is already set to a LAN game mode in which case you should be able to join. However, if she tries to change it to an Online mode, she'll be asked to either sign in to her SEN account, or if she is already signed in, to sign up for PS Plus.

    In the first case, your wife simply needs to make sure she is set up to auto-sign-in to PSN. In the latter case - she is asked to sign up for PS Plus - then you will need to set the console as your Primary PS4. That should resolve any issues and then you can both play online together.

    I hope that helps! Please be sure to check the edited post I linked above. Thank you!