Game disconnects when I start Facebook live streaming

  • I'm currently tying out this new feature. The Game streams only for a few seconds, then gets disconnected. Any one here having the same issue?
  • Streaming of any kind adds a performance hit to the GPU, CPU and your internet bandwidth. If you are disconnected every time you try to use it you would want to take steps to first ensure your connection is as stable as possible.

    - Limit any programs in the background taking up bandwidth(Chat programs, Torrents, or music/video streaming.)
    - If you are on a wireless connection try going wired.
    - Try lowering your Streaming Quality: Goto your Desktop app -> Settings -> Streaming -> Streaming Quality: Turn down to Low.

    If you continue to have any issues check out our Connection and Latency troubleshooting Here. These steps could help strengthen your connection to your modem/router.

    Thank you!