High Ping

  • Got problem with connection when play diablo 3. PING 700+ while solo private? so sad. The problem not from ISP but from server battle.net

    please fix this immediately before seasons over
  • Hey there Krakenstein!

    Taking a look over this we would like to get a trace route and pathping test ran while you're experiencing latency in-game. Steps to do so can be found at these links: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/7648 - https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/718

    When posting the results to the forums be sure to use the code tags to keep things clean!
  • Thanks for getting back to us Krakenstein!

    Going over the looking glass test it does look like there's a big jump in latency in the connection. From around 11 ms to 180 ms on these lines here:

    <code>8 ae-12.r22.snjsca04.us.bb.gin.ntt.net ( 11.341 ms 11.346 ms 11.271 ms
    9 ae-2.r20.sngpsi05.sg.bb.gin.ntt.net ( 188.508 ms 188.514 ms 188.599 ms</code>

    There also looks to be a potential issue here due to the timeout in the test:

    <code>11 ( 223.625 ms * 223.646 ms</code>

    Rather than running the looking glass test, I'd like to get a trace route and pathping test following the steps on the sites that were linked previously! ^_^