PS4 Issue: Cannot connect to any online games

  • Whenever I go to join any friend's game, I can get to the party screen with no issues. My friends can see me join this screen for a second, but then they say my character disappears.

    When I go to "Enter Game", I am stuck at the loading screen forever. I have let it sit for up to 20 minutes before restarting the game.

    Also, no one can join my game. They keep getting errors when they try to join.

    I have verified all network settings, and confirmed I have NAT 2. I have never had an issue with any other PS4 multiplayer game.

    I have also deleted the entire game install from my PS4 multiple times, and re-downloaded the patch. I still run into the same issue every single time.
  • Hi Everyone,

    This question is for PS4 players specifically: Could you please post what brand and model router you are using? I notice that a few of you have been able to connect and play in multiplayer games by bypassing the router and connecting directly to your modem. When you reply, could you please also let us know if that is working for you as well?

    There is a separate issue with Xbox One connectivity, and that issue is currently being actively investigated and any new information we have to share about that issue will be posted in this thread. Again, the information I am seeking here is related specifically to players having issues connecting to multiplayer games on PS4 only.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to pop in here and thank everyone for their responses. The information provided is of great help to us and we are still actively investigating reports of connection issues with specific routers, and we will try and provide information here as it becomes available.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest that all PS4 players make sure they have tried all of the troubleshooting suggestions on this page, as some of the steps listed may help resolve your issue:
  • Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to pop in and give an update on this. After continued testing we have identified that certain models of Belkin routers can sporadically disconnect you from your active play session on PSN, or block traffic arriving from other players originating outside of your home network. This isn't due to any specific firewall settings, as disabling the firewall and setting up a DMZ has not resolved the issue for us in our internal testing.

    We were hoping to identify a Belkin firmware update or some other permanent solution to help with this, but as yet, we have not found anything concrete that works universally. At this point, this issue does not look like something that we have the ability to "fix" on our end.

    For a workaround, we have found that bypassing the router and connecting directly to your modem should allow you to connect and play in multiplayer games with other players without issue. We also found that regularly restarting the router (perhaps just before every multiplayer play session) did seem to help, and we were regularly able to connect to other players and play in multiplayer for extended periods of time without interruption after doing this. Lastly, as some other players have pointed out, disabling UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) on your router may also allow you to connect to multiplayer games.

    Thank you all for the reports about this, and your patience. We apologize for the delay in our response on this. We were hoping to be able to provide you with a better solution, but for now, it looks like the suggestions and workarounds listed previously are still the best options for mitigating connection issues experienced when using certain Belkin routers.