Fresh Meat N' Greet - Hub#1983

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    Up this week for Wizards: Hub#1983

    Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

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    Grimiku: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Hub#1983: My name is Hub and I am a 37 year old male. I am married with one step-child(who is also a gamer). I was born, and have lived in northeastern Kentucky my whole life. Music is an extremely important part of my life, and I am heavily into politics. I do not hold any public office, but I keep up with whats going on in this country. Right now, my views do not fit into either party, and the prospects we have for the next president would make the founding fathers roll over in their graves IMO.

    Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

    Hub#1983: I like to dabble in computers, and know enough to be dangerous. My love of music was born listening to classic rock while working in the garage with my Dad on cars when I was younger. I have an extensive collection of live Grateful Dead concerts. They have been my favorite band since the age of thirteen, and I am still adding to my collection of live shows(currently 1,500 hrs+).

    Grimiku: What is your history as a gamer, and with the Diablo franchise?


    My first game console was an Atari 2600 I received for the holidays when I was very young. Those early days of playing Pac Man and Space Invaders are great memories. Through the years I had every Nintendo as they came out, and as cliche' as it sounds, I loved Mario Bros. and Sim City. We would have these huge neighborhood tournaments for Tecmo Bowl that would last for days. Of course I moved on to the Playstation when it came out.

    My first experience with Diablo was at a friend's house. There were several of us there hanging out, and I noticed one of my friends staring at the computer. I went over there and pulled up a seat to watch what he was doing. Thats when it all began.

    On the screen was this dark, gothic looking game with all kinds of monsters trying to kill a lone warrior. I sat there that night and watched him play the game for hours. At the time, we only had one computer at my house, so I didnt get to play Diablo as much as I wanted to. When Diablo was released on Playstation 1 I was elated because I could play it as much as I wanted.

    When I heard Diablo 2 was coming down the pipe, and there was not going to be a console release, I wanted a good computer to play it. I went on Gateway and customized a computer just for Diablo 2. The computer arrived a couple weeks before release; big cow looking boxes of course, and at that point I was ready. I played Diablo 2 for years at a time with a few breaks, but it was the only game I ever came back to like that.

    The same thing happened with D3, as far as a computer goes, but this time I built my first rig for the game release. I have been playing since May 15, 2012 with no breaks, and I am still going strong.

    Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

    Hub#1983: Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 of course. I have played many games through the years, but nothing has ever got me hooked like Diablo. I did get into Guitar Hero for awhile, but it often caused my eyes to hurt from watching the screen so intently.

    Grimiku: Are you playing any other classes right now?

    Hub#1983: I enjoy playing the Monk, and I am very much looking forward to playing a Hammerdin in Season 4. All the classes are great to be honest. I kinda miss the Necromancer from D2, but the Witch Doctor is a great mix of the Necro and Druid.

    Grimiku: Are you in a clan? If yes, tell us about it!

    Hub#1983: I am an officer in the Vizjerei clan. You will not find a better, more true to the game group of players anywhere. At the core, and I believe what ultimately brought us together, is a true respect for the game and the Wizard class.

    Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

    Hub#1983: One time I was in a game, and got killed, which is not a big deal. But, on the messages in the bottom left of the screen, it said: "Hub was killed by a Fallen Peon". I was ridiculed mercilessly by the other people in the game!

    Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

    Hub#1983: I gambled a pair of Tasker and Theo gloves with a perfect Crit Damage and Attack Speed roll that I promptly rerolled into a perfect 7/10/50 trifecta. They dont have perfect pet attack speed increase, but that is OK. I am still searching for that elusive pair of ancient TnT's with the same stats.

    To be honest, I have had so many awesome moments that they are hard to count. Getting on Mumble for the first time and meeting many of the players I respect was super cool. Being there in the beginning of forming the Viz clan is also a very memorable step along the way.

    Grimiku: What drew you to the Wizard?

    Hub#1983: The caster class has always interested me, as well as a character that uses the earth elements and weather phenomenon as weapons. The Wizard is a perfect example of just that.

    Grimiku: In displaying your battle prowess, do you prefer to burn, electrocute, or freeze your foes? Or do you prefer a mixture of destructive elemental energies?

    Hub#1983: I prefer to freeze my enemies, which is why I absolutely fell in love with the SNS build. That build was so perfect in every way, and I still miss it. I do like Tal's and the multi-elemental aspect, but with elemental damage bonus on gear counting for so much, one element is still going to be stronger for the most part.

    Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

    Hub#1983: My favorite skill, going all the way back to the D2 days, is Frozen Orb. Delseire's gave it a much needed boost, as did the revamped Triumvirate, but I really do not like being forced to use a primary skill to buff Frozen Orb. The aiming and placement of FO is the most important part of using the skill, and that part should be very rewarding to the player, and thats what I wanted to see buffed. I wanted it to be capable as a stand-alone skill as well, but FO is still fun when used in conjuntion with Delseire's.

    I am also a huge fan of Meteor, and I would love to see a real, spammable Fire Ball skill similar to the Fire Ball from D2.

    Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

    Hub#1983: I am currently running a melee style Tal's spec on one Wizard, and a Delseire's/Tal's spec on the other.

    Grimiku: Is there a particular item you’re after, and how would it change the way you play if you found it?

    Hub#1983: I need to find an ancient Aether Walker or ancient Serpent Sparker with attack speed. The ancient AW would allow me to get the most out of the Tal's spec that uses it before 2.3 makes it less viable(crowd control changes). The attack speed Serpent Sparker would allow me to hit the next breakpoint for Hydras much easier.

    Grimiku: If there was one thing you could change about the Wizard, what would it be?

    Hub#1983: One thing I think would be cool is a change to the passive "Power Hungry". Yes, it is nice as is, but very hard to fit in because of the need for defensive and DPS passives. Something that would make it a much more compelling choice would be to buff each spender that consumes a Power Hungry stack by 10%.

    Grimiku: If you could build a set and/or Legendary item around a skill, what skill would it be and how would you support it?

    Hub#1983: Something that would be very cool is an item that made energy twister stay inside of a Slow Time bubble. I realize Wicked Wind spins in place, and maybe it is not a good example of how staying inside the bubble could be cool. But, imagine Raging Storm inside a Slow Time Bubble with Ranslor's Folly pulling in enemies at the same time.

    A channeling skill set would be really cool, but I would have to think really hard about how to balance it with everything else, and what the buffs would be. Disintegrate is such a cool skill, and should live up to its name. Perhaps the upcoming changes to Archon will be enough love for a channeling skill.

    While I am at it, might as well throw Mirror Image out there. The duplicates need to do more damage. Actually, they need to do 100% damage. That would be great.

    Grimiku: Pick a Wizard quote!

    Hub#1983: "If you want your Diamond Skin to look like it came from De Beers, then you're only gonna have to farm for billions of years".

    Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Wizard should know.

    Hub#1983: There is a long line of dedicated Wizard players that have helped bring the class up to where it is now. Between all of us scratching, clawing, and crying, I think the class is in a very strong spot currently. Respect those who have come before you while keeping an eye on the future.
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    Grimiku: Which of your fellow Wizards should we also interview?

    Hub#1983: Vox#1186

    Grimiku: Pick a question to ask in the next interview:

    Hub#1983: What is your favorite monster in Diablo 3 and why?
    My favorite monster is the Herald of Pestilence because it has a dangerous melee and ranged attack to combat any type of character build. Plus, the name is really cool as well, and fits into the lore perfectly. I also like the Corpse Raiser and Shrieking Horror. They both spawn more monsters in a unique way.

    Grimiku: Atanatar#1983: "What's your favored Whiskey?"

    Hub#1983: Since I am from KY, I prefer Bourbon, and that Bourbon is Wild Turkey 101.

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