Stone of Jordan completely useless now.

  • It used to be exciting finding these rings..
    Now it's ubers of joy when you find a nice Compass Rose or ancient F&R ...

    Which has lost all it's fun as well ...

    Since the devs are all about power creep and instead of actual balancing, just increasing everything (Caldesann's Despair - don't even argue this)

    How about a new recipe for Stones ?

    They seem pretty rare.. Just as useless with probably all the builds unless its LoN.

    New recipe idea: Jordan's Following

    1. Stone of Jordan, rare or ancient.
    2. Any ANCIENT jewelry.
    3. 3 of any final gem..

    Extract Elite Damage (as stated on ring) and apply it to any ring or amulet. SoJ and gems are taken, outcome is your ring or amulet with bonus elite dmg%.

    Or make SoJ's elite damage bonus an affix that can be cubed.. ?

    I remember when Furnace + SoJ would just melt faces... This whole post may be just nostalgia but I'd really like to see this ring do something again...

    Maybe just a couple more OP ring sets before this ones touched, eh ?..
  • I've seen quite a bit of feedback from folks wanting to see Stone of Jordan get some revivification. Let's explore this concept.

      If we revised Stone of Jordan, what would you want it to do?Why do you want Stone of Jordan to be more important? Is it the nostalgia factor, or do you want more competitive/varied ring options? Is there another reason?Would you rather see Stone of Jordan have a new Kanai/Crafting use, be spent as currency, or feel more competitive as an item?How can we revise Stone of Jordan in a way that's great for everyone and not just a single class?

    These are just some conversation starter questions. I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on Stone of Jordan, or what item powers you'd like to see in general.
  • I just want to say how awesome it is to see tons of ideas, folks collaborating and iterating on them, and just an excellent amount of constructive conversation.

    Thanks for humoring my questions, and keep it going! I'm soaking this all in. :)