Problem moving cursor

  • I am unable to move the fist cursor when I am trying to accept agreement my mouse is fine but won't move on the agreement screen I updated the driver but still cursor will not move HELP
  • Roweena49,

    If you are running Windows 7:

    1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and select Screen Resolution
    2. Click on Make text and other items larger or smaller
    3. Change the size of text to Smaller - 100% (default)
    4. Apply, click on Log off now and restart

    It seems to only happen if you use full screen mode so windowed mode is one option. A better solution though is if you set up a custom text size instead of using one of the larger preset values. For example, if I set it to 150%, the mouse doesn't work in-game when full screen, but a custom size of 149% works fine.

    Support Information Administrator