Regarding Accounts Being Hacked

  • So what's being done to assist with those of us who were hacked and lost everything?

    Are there any plans to compensate us for the lost time from the combination of rollbacks, on top of not even really being able to PLAY the game we've already paid for as we wait who knows how long for our tickets to get responded to, and have our accounts be rolled back?

    I mean after connecting an authenticator to the account on top of changing passwords, there's nothing else we can really do to help speed the process along.

    So then at that point are we really stuck staring at out support tickets all day and being put on hold for 90+ minutes until we get some assistance? Instead of you know, playing the game.
  • Glitch,

    Locking thread as it's not really a Technical Support issue that can be addressed in this forum. Please check the following post over on the Diablo III General Discussion forum:

    Support Information Administrator