Why Is The Game Server Going Down and for How Long?

  • Se no official statement on Status Page.

    Just In-Game Warnings of Server Going Down.

    What's Up?
  • What you experienced was likely a rolling restart to pick up the hotfixes noted here under "LIVE": http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16953426090#3

    The live and upcoming hotfixes lists have been updated:


    • Fixing an issue where some players are not able to access their BlizzCon 2014 transmogrification appearances
    • Fixing an issue where stash tabs purchased during a Season are not rolling over to your non-Seasonal stash once the Season ends


    • Fixed an issue where the Gelatinous Sire would occasionally fail to split (4/16)
    • Fixed a bug which caused Blood Thief goblins in multiplayer games to drop more Blood Shards than intended (4/16)

    • The "Wortham Survivors" bounty has been disabled (4/16)
      • This bounty cannot always be completed and we will be addressing this issue in a later patch

    This is fairly common for hotfix deployments, but you have our apologies for any confusion or alarm. :)