"Season 2 Ending Soon" Sticky Misleading

  • Just a heads up for the Blues. Unless that sticky thread is missing some info (or more is forthcoming soon). The title is a bit misleading. It would indicate an imminent end to the current season, whereas the post content simply announces how you will handle end-of-season announcements going forward.

    Perhaps some clarification in the thread or a different title would be helpful.

    Having said that, I am enjoying the seasons and ongoing game development. Keep up the great work Blizz!
  • 03/11/2015 04:13 PMPosted by Ketchup
    Title changed. I can sleep happy tonight.

    Good! Sleep tight! ;)

    Apologies if I gave any of you a minor heart attack. The intent was to make sure those of you actively participating in Season 2 had appropriate expectations in advance rather than suddenly get a 2-week warning when expecting a 30-day warning. The title was a misstep on my part, and it's been adjusted to provide better clarity.