Website Features Forum Closing Soon

  • Greetings, adventurers!

    This is a friendly heads up that Website Features forum will be shutting down in two weeks. The forum will be marked as "read only" next week on Monday, February 9 and will be closed the following week on Monday, February 16.

    Moving forward, if you'd like to suggest a feature for our website, we encourage you to use our embedded feedback form. To access this form, follow these simple steps:

      Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the Diablo III websiteClick the Send Website Feedback button next to the red Blizzard logoEnter a subject relevant to your feedbackLeave your suggestion in the box belowClick Submit

    The form will record the page you're on at the time you made your suggestion, so (if you can) be sure to submit your feedback from the page that's relevant to your suggestion. To leave feedback about our forums, please note that you'll first need to navigate to the forum index to access the suggestion form.

    Thanks for helping us keep our website awesome!