Reaper of Souls Collectors Edition Question

  • ive already got the RoS expansion, but i bought the hard copy of the coll ed because $20

    before i open this (because i may just resell it), is there a special key to make the game a coll ed/digital deluxe, or would i have to/can i use the inclosed game key to upgrade my game to coll ed/dig deluxe

    dem transmogs tho

    edit: to clarify, i have two questions:
    1. can i upgrade my account to coll ed status using a code from the package, while still retaining a base version of the game
    2. if not, can i use the code just to upgrade it to coll ed status
  • The key included in the boxed RoS Collector's Edition version unlocks the Reaper of Souls content along with the CE/Digital Deluxe bonuses. If you already have the Standard Edition version of the expansion, then you can still apply that CE code through your account management to get access to the digital bonuses.

    If you have any difficulties with this, you're welcome to contact us through the Support Portal for additional assistance.