Seasons Now Available on PTR

  • Our first Seasons test begins today! To create a Seasonal hero, simply check the "Seasonal Hero" box located below the class selection list.

    For more information about Seasons, click here.

    Multiple Season Testing:

    Please note that over the course of the patch 2.1.0 PTR, we may periodically "end" a Season to test the rollover process and ensure that Seasonal character data migrates correctly. To get the most out of this PTR, we will likely start and end a Season several times before our public test phase concludes.

    Season Feedback:

    If you have any feedback to share regarding Seasons (including, but not limited to Conquests, Leaderboards, Seasonal Legendary items, character creation, and data roll over), be sure to post in this forum. Any and all feedback is welcome. :)

    Thanks for your support and participation, and good luck with those Conquests!
  • For feedback on Seasonal Legendary items, please post here: