Game Creation Limit- Updated

  • 6/12 @ 10:00 PM PDT: After looking into several player reports, we believe the game creation limit may not be working exactly as intended. When working properly, players should rarely see it, even in fairly normal "farming" conditions or after reasonable amounts of character swapping.

    The rate at which players are reporting to hit the limit is currently too high, so we've decided to shut off the limitations until we can take a better look at things tomorrow.


    We've recently added a limit to the number of games a player can create within a certain amount of time. Players who hit this limit will see the error: "Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions." After receiving this error, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games.

    This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary. We're currently working to find a solution that allows most players who are playing normally to create games without encountering this error, but will still limit some of the more extreme cases of rapid game creation. We appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

    Thank you!
  • 06/12/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Mâximus
    Any reason why blizz felt the need to exclude this "feature" in the patch notes?

    It was an independent change made outside of patch 1.0.2c.
  • I appreciate the quick response. Any plan in motion to include a counter of some type so players can monitor/maintain their amount of games allowed. I assume it would be similar to WoW dungeon resetting?

    While I'm not sure about a game counter, we will be updating the message players receive when they experience the limit to be way more descriptive. We also haven't communicated the actual limit at this time because we're still working to adjust it. Our goal (as noted in the main post) isn't to arbitrarily penalize players who are playing normally, but to help curb the more rapid game creation we've seen that can really impact performance. That will take some iteration.

    We may provide an update in the future with more precise numbers once we've reached a good balance, but we'd like to fine tune the current limit a bit more before we do that (simply because it isn't yet set in stone at this point). We know that information is valuable to you.
  • We understand that people want to share their opinions on this matter with us, but I highly recommend that if you choose to do so, you do it in a constructive manner. As this is a new change, much like any change, we will be monitoring the impact. We'll also make sure to pass along feedback from the community so long as it remains constructive.

    Forum code of conduct violations do not constitute constructive feedback. We'd rather you stay and be a part of the community than have to remove forum posting privileges. Please keep this in mind for any posts you add to the discussion. Thank you.
  • I threw a reply in another thread, so just quoting myself here for reference:

    06/12/2012 09:57 PMPosted by Bashiok
    After looking into some reports you guys provided it seems the limit may have not been working exactly as intended. Working properly you really shouldn't see it, even in fairly normal 'farming' conditions, or reasonable amounts of character swapping. We're shutting it off until we can take a better look at it tomorrow.

    Locking the thread for now. We'll re-open when we have an update to share (if we don't just make a new thread altogether).