Very long loading time?

  • Added on top of the other problems with crashing, when I enter a game, enter a town portal, teleport with way point, exit game etc etc, everything takes very long time! We are talking about 30-45sec per loadscreen almost every time!

    So imagine killing diablo for example, enter game 30sec, enter townportal 20-30sec, kill diablo, tp to town 20-30sec, exit game and join a new game 1min+++

    Is this only me?
  • Do you guys get this problem all the time?
    Does restarting Diablo III fix the issue?
  • In the app, do you have 100% of the game downloaded?
  • We are still trying to reproduce this issue internally.

    We are seeing load times of about 5-10 seconds when we have 100% of the game.

    We are not denying this issue but we need to be able to reproduce it to fix it.
  • Thanks Tias for the info we'll look into it.

    Just a reminder, the minimum requirement for RAM is 4 GB.
    Some people in this thread have only 2 GB. Upgrading to 4 GB would most likely improve FPS and loading times.

    Since some people have a lot of RAM and have the issue we have to look at other reasons than disk swapping.
  • Rebooting your machine will reset the disk swap file.
    If you haven't rebooted your Mac for a while please try that.
  • 03/31/2014 02:06 PMPosted by Malhammer
    Im literally having EVERY issue that has been stated:

    1. Flickering graphics

    2. CRAZY load times (almost always an instant death when joining a party because by the time my game loads my guys is already dead)

    3. Crashes every time I try to enter a rift

    4. Now crashes every time I try to enter any game (party, by myself, story, or adventure)

    5. Crashes every time I change a setting or do anything for that matter...

    6. Now completely unplayable.

    VERY annoying.

    We believe that these issues are all related except for the long loading times.
  • There's a difference between virtual memory address space and physical memory.

    When you upgrade your RAM, we are talking about physical memory, the OS manages that and can expand it by using a swap file. Your OS and all running applications are sharing it.
    Upgrading your physical RAM will give you better performance because when your applications are using more RAM than what you have available, the OS will use a disk swap file which is much much slower.

    A 32 bits OSX application will have 3.5 GB of address space to play with. Each application get his own space. When an application try to ask for more than that, it normally crashes. This is what is happening with D3. This limit for 32 bits applications is fixed and upgrading your RAM won't change it.
  • 04/07/2014 02:06 PMPosted by Mandroo
    03/31/2014 01:42 PMPosted by S4d1k
    Just a reminder, the minimum requirement for RAM is 4 GB. Says otherwise. Might want to update this page, because it says the minimum is 1 or 1.5 depending on your OS, and 2 for the recommended.

    I myself am experiencing this issue, but only for RoS areas (Rifts, Act V). 30+ second load times for these areas are annoying, but I fail to see why it's only these areas. Everything else loads just fine. And, yes, I am on XP with 3GB of RAM.

    Sorry for the confusion. This is the Mac forum, the PC forum is here:
    I just assumed that everybody posting here is using a Mac.

    My advice to you would be to upgrade to 4GB and Windows 7.
  • For those with 4GB+ of RAM, how much disk space you guys have left on your hard drive where OSX is installed?